October 23, 2018

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What is SimInClass

SimInClass is a 3D classroom simulation, which aims to improve classroom management skills of pre-service and in-service teachers. The simulation gives an opportunity to pre-service and in-service teachers for observing effects of different teaching and dealing methods in a risk-free environment. It simulates real-life classroom activities such as preparing a lesson plan, using technology for class activities and dealing with misbehaviors.

The game starts with preparing a lesson plan task and continues with in-class activities. It is expected from users to create their lesson plans and to process the course with different class sizes and the number of students. Also, integrating the use of different technological equipment into the lesson plans in an effective way is expected. Besides, in the simulation, the preferred teaching methods, the preferred dealing methods while encountering misbehaviors and integrating technology skills affect the total score of users.

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Users should deal with misbehaviors correctly to keep game parameters at a high level. In the simulation,
students’ behaviors depend on their personality characters based on OCEAN model and users’ action during the lesson. At the end of the simulation, a detailed report and summative feedback about users’ actions during all the simulation are presented. SimInClass has been different from other classroom simulations by allowing technology integration skills into classes and by the ability to provide pre-class preparation.

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